Monday, December 29, 2014

My holiday "break" kit.

So sometimes I need TIME  to UNWIND! Especially with all the stress of the holidays over. And what better way to do that than with a little facial TLC.

First off, I like to start with a facial scrub. I'm loving this one from Clean and Clear right now! This one makes my face solo smooth but at the same time doesn't dry my face out! 

Then I like to but some lipgloss on to make my lips suppppa smooth. I love the new Blistex ultra rich hydration lip balm. It has an inner core of ultra hydration that makes this lip balm extra awesome. Plus it has spy 15 so yay for no sun da,age on our lips! 

Lastly I'm. Telling you about my favorite lip color! We all know I love NYC makeup. It's cheap and awesome quality! Their lip products are my favorite. This one isn't one I would usually reach for but I love it now that I try it; Roosevelt Island Red. It's a dulled down red that goes on smoothly. The color is so subtle I feel safe wearing it to work! 

I love all three of these products! Thanks to Seventeen, Clean and Clear, NYC, and Blistex for letting me try these out.


  1. I love all Blistex products! I have never tried that Clean & Clear scrub, but I hope to soon. Scrubs are the best!!

  2. I ALWAYS love the exfoliating scrubs from Clean & Clear, i'll have to try this one next! Do you just love the Blister balm? I've been trying to decide on a few more things to put in my girls weekend getaway goodie bags, maybe I'll go with that!

  3. I've heard good things about clean and clear products, especially for treating those impromptu breakouts.


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