Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Ipsy bag!

***First off I am not being paid to make this review! I am not affiliated with Ipsy at all and am doing these monthly reviews simply because I want to share this awesome service***
If you don't know what Ipsy is let me tell you in my own words... Ipsy is a fantastical, magical, monthly subscription service. You get a makeup bag and samples or full size products in the bag that will make a makeup look. You take a test when you register that tells the company what kind of stuff you would like to receive. I mean if you are a nude lipstick person you wouldn't want to get red lipstick every month right? And if you are a smokey eye every day kinda girl, you don't want neutral eye shadows. They also use brand name products in these bags such as Benefit, Buxom, Sexy Hair, Urban Decay and many more! (and some not name brands. The whole idea is to try new products/brands!) So you are probably thinking "Well Elizabeth, you must be spending a fortune on these a month! You re crazy!" Well let me enlighten you...I AM NOT CRAZY.I only pay $10 a month for these awesome bags! I think Ipsy might be the crazy one for offering such an awesome service for such a bargain.
So as awesome as Ipsy is, for a couple months I have been contemplating getting rid of my subscription. But the past two months have made me change my mind! So here is what I got in my bag this month! My camera was dying this month for the pictures so I didn't get any swatches of anything. *Bad blogger* I will try to do better next month! I promise!  For some reason my picture if my bag was deleted so here is a picture from google! 
The bag is blue on one side and white on the other with these kinda lines on it. The zipper is a coral color. The bag wasn't gorgeous but went with the "Fresh" theme pretty well if you ask me! 

Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder in Celebration :: I didn't get a picture of the color of this product because I am a failure but it is a pretty gold color. Its a shimmery gold and is really pretty. I doubt I will ever use it though because I am not a fan of loose powder for eyeshadow.  ($15)
Pacifica Natural mineral coconut eyeshadow in Ethereal :: (I cant find a link to this product so I have a link to the website.) This is a beautiful pink champagne color. Its literally glowing in the package. Its an eyeshadow but I could see myself using it as a light highlighter. (Its not as shimmery as it looks in this picture.) And I have loved everything I have ever gotten from this brand so I am excited! Its a full size too! (?) 

Probelle nailpolish in Into the Blue :: I like the color and the fact that this is full size. But I am a nail polish snob and really only like OPI and Essie polishes...But I guess I can try this one out since I have never even heard of the brand and the color is soooo pretty! ($6) 

Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow brush :: I am ALWAYS so excited to get any brush in one of these bags and the fact that this is pink makes it EVEN better! Its so soft! Again, I haven't gotten anything bad from Elizabeth Mott yet, so I don't think I will be disappointed! ($10) 

Eco-Beauty good day day moisturizer :: I have been dying for some new moisturizer. I cant find one I like and so I am trying as much as I can! So I cant wait to try this one out! I hope I don't like this kinda because the big size has such a hefty price tag!!! ($40 for a big size) 

There is no way for me to tell you what this bag was worth because its got such varied products but i still know I at least got $31 worth of stuff and thats just a coupld of the things that I could find a price for! I was very happy with my bag this month! 


  1. i had ipsy at one point - loved their samples!

  2. I've been debating on whether or not to sign up for this. I'm glad to hear you like it!


  3. This is a great review! I love Ipsy! They send such fun things, most of which I would never try if they didn't send it to me!


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