Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentines Day Gift Guide!

So Aaron and I were talking and I am pretty sure that he isnt getting me anything for Valentines day. 1.) He hates the holiday (even though its one of my favorites...) and 2.) I think that he is completely clueless to what he would get me. 

So I figured that at least one of your significant others is in the same position-not knowing what to get you. So I made a little bit of a guide for him or her (I mean whoever is buying you presents...Im not one to judge!). These are pretty much anything that I would want for Valentines Day or anytime really...You can thank me later. 
1.) A Victoria Secret giftcard :: I mean give the gift that keeps on giving if you get what I'm saying. 

2.) A weekend or even a night at a hotel :: I know I love to get away from life and I always think a hotel in a different town can do that! 

3.) Roses or any flowers :: Most girls really enjoy flowers. They are pretty and smell good...I mean they are self explanitory. 

4.) Hand Written letters :: I promise if you get your female some hand written letters, she will melt. Hand written anything is a dying art and the fact that you took the time to write her a letter will make her cry. Gurantee. (Well almost...I shouldnt gurantee anything...)

5.) A book (I have All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven pictured) :: If your female likes to read like I do, a book is a good idea. I actually just read the book I have in the picture and its my favorite one now. (This is a review I made on it! )

6.) A Pandora bracelet :: This one is a little bit of an investment. But okay, so you get the bracelet for her and then for every holiday after from now on, you dont have to wonder what to get her! You can just go get her a new charm! This one is one that even though I have a Tiffany Charm bracelet, Im dying for one! 

7.) A HUGE teddy bear :: I know you have had to have seen the pictures of the HUGE  teddy bears that are as big as their owners. I dont know a girl who wouldnt want a huge cuddle partner for when you arent there. (This is one of the ones I have been wanting. I mean my man is gonna be deployed for a year. I need a cuddle buddy!) 

8.) A giftcard to a spa day :: Lets be honest, girls like to be pampered, so weather you get her a giftcard to get a massage of the whole shabang, I am sure she will be veryyyy grateful! 

9.) Chocolate Covered Strawberries :: Its chocolate covered fruit. I mean do I dare say more? 

10.) Pearl or Diamond earrings :: Personally I dont think a girl can ever have too many earrings and many girls settle for the cheap ones. So if you got her a real pair of pearls or diamonds I am sure she would love them! 

Again, this obviously couldnt go for every girl. I just put some things that I know I would love so I hope you guys have gotten some ideas and arent COMPLETELY clueless anymore! 

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