Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wild Hairs and Felicia

So I bought a domain and disappeared. You probably don't even remember who I am (I was gonna say go check my about me...but that probably needs to be updated if we are being honest... #BadBlogger)
I wont o into an intro or anything or even excuses as to why its been so long since my real blog post. With real friends that you haven't seen in a while, it always feels like you pick up where you left off last. Well I mean this is kinda how I feel about this blog..

So I have had more things happen since the last time we really talked. Last year (2014) one of my new year resolutions was to slow down, smell the roses and enjoy life a little more. And that what I had to do. I had been so wrapped up in blogging that I stopped enjoying it. And if I wasn't enjoying it, why was I doing it? We;; tonight I got a wild hair and well, here I am. So I figured I will just list a couple of things about my life that you have missed.

1.) My boyfriend is currently 7000 miles away. And I haven't shaved my legs since he left.(Don't worry, I make jokes and that was one of them...) He left the day after Valentines Day. We usually have a facetime date every Sunday. I am so ready for him to come home but we have close to 300 days left is the projected date is right. I WANT HIM HOME ARMY. 

2.) I got a new job. WOAH. Nobody saw that one coming! I know. I didn't really either if we are being honest. This job is a blessing from God. I wasn't looking for it. It kinda fell in my lap. After 2 interviews and a lot of prayers, I got the job. I started at the start of April. 

3.) I was unable to get ANYTHING from the Lilly for Target sale. :( 

4.) I did a pageant and won the title of South Carolina's National Miss. I'm still kinda freaking out about this one. Its for a system called ANTSO. 70% of my score is based off of my creativity, scholastic achievement, community service, and communication skills. I will attend nationals in Nashville this July. I AM SO EXCITED. 

5.) Along those lines...Kinda...I created my own organization. I will give you the abbreviated version and if you want more information you can just ask me. Its called Project Princess. It encourages a healthier lifestyle and helps improve self -esteem in girls.Its something I am very passionate about

6.) I went and saw "Wicked" and was BLOWN AWAY. I mean how can one show be so perfect? Like I kinda wanted to hate it since so many people love it...but I didn't. I am now one of those people who love it too...Although I DON'T love it enough to pay $40 for a tour TSHIRT. A tshirt people. Bye Felicia.

7.) I really want an eno hammock. I stayed with one of my friends at her college (HI EMILY) and we set hers up and I NEED one... 

8.) I went to Disney World...Again. My best friend turned 18 so her parents took her and myself (I couldn't figure out the correct grammar there...) to DISNEY WORLD. We went to to every park. I am in love. I met baymax, rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror twice, started my pin collection (I literally already have 9 pins...) and met Aurora. (But of course you already knew this if you followed me on instagram. GO FOLLOW ME ALREADY!

9.) I am a pirate. Seriously I played the role of Anne Bonny from Treasure Island at the State Theater of SC. I had a great time. I had to wear a corset in the show and I actually kinda liked it. I mean I felt like it helped me slim down. LOL

10.) I volunteered at a miracle league game and got to throw the first pitch!

11.) I was on the radio in my town! Like a morning talkshow. Not because I have talent in singing. Which I dont. 

I am sure that there are many more and I dont plan on being away from the blogging world for so long so heres to a "See you soon" from me. 


  1. Welcome back! Sometimes it's nice to take a break from blogging and just live your life. Jealous of your Disney trip, I never get bored of that place.

  2. Hi there,

    Just stopping in to tell you that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out the post here!

    -Sydney at Doe Eyed Dreams

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