Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Recap: September 11-13

Hey Guys! I had a very busy but exciting weekend this weekend so I thought I would share! 
Friday: I worked until 4:30 and got off for the weekend. Last week seemed to be pretty fast! (Every day down is one day closer till Aaron comes home!) My uncle is in town right now (He lives on the other side of the state so I am ALWAYS happy to see him!) My Uncle, Grandparents, Mom and little brother, Hannah and Hannah (YES...both my best friends are named Hannah. I call them "The Hannah's") came over to our new house. This was my uncles first time at our new house! I was so excited to have him! After that we went to a restaurant in my town that my uncle loves but that I have never been to! I haven't spent time with that much of my family at once in a long time and I had a blast! 
Saturday: Saturday morning I woke up and volunteered at the Miracle League game in my town! I had a buddy named Laura! We had such a good time and man Laura knew how to hot that ball! I am always happy to be a Miracle League buddy but had an exceptional time that morning! That afternoon I went home and had a cup of coffee with some Pumpkin Spice creamer because I am "basic." haha (But for real, Aldi's Pumpkin creamer is DELICIOUS.) Then me and the "Hannah's" started getting ready for the Kelsey Ballerini, Hunter Hayes, and Lady Antebellum concert! I wore a plaid dress, denim shirt, and my grey converse! Let me tell you guys. Kelsey was great (It was her birthday!!!) She did a mash-up of songs from the early 2000's and it was great! Then Hunter Hayes came out. I didn't realize how much I loved that boy...I am convinced if he met me he would love me. Then Lady Antebellum came out. They don't sound any different live than they do on their album! We got home at about 12 and we all went to bed! 

Sunday: I woke up and had my coffee...(I have a problem, don't judge.) and went to a new church this morning. A group from Alabama called "The Sounds of Mobile" were there and they were FANTASTIC! Then we went and ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Then this afternoon, I went to a play! I went and saw Mary Poppins! It was a great show! Now I am here at my grandmas (we don't have cable at the apartment because we don't watch enough TV...) so I can watch the Miss America pageant. I AM SO EXCITED! If you don't like pageants, I would tune out now... 

I am so excited about Vanessa Williams coming back. And there is going to be a surprise in the first five minutes that I am super excited to find out what it is! I have guesses for like the top 5! Miss South Carolina: Daja Dial (I love her! I think she is so great and I'm not just saying that because I am from South Carolina!); Miss Oklahoma: Georgia Frazier; Miss Florida: Mary Katherine Fechtel; Miss Iowa: Taylor Wiebers; and Miss Georgia: Betty Cantrell! 
Let me know your predictions!  

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Talk to you soon! 

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  1. You called it with Miss. Georgia!


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