Saturday, October 3, 2015

September Favorites!

1.)    Flirty Shadow from the Nude Dude pallet: I got this shadow in my Ipsy bag either last month or the month before and I have used it constantly since then! It’s a purple color with gold shimmer. Ipsy describes it as a “shimmering golden violet.” I think these palettes from the balm are so cool! You will have to Google them but the Balm makes them and I will leave the rest of the surprise up to you!
2.)    Friends TV show: When I was a kid I remember my mom watching Friends every now and then but she didn’t LOVE it. Well I was in need of a new show on Netflix and one night just decided to watch the first one and I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time. So I figured, “Why not?!”
3.)    Essie "Power Clutch”: Its such a pretty dark grey color! I have been wearing it on my nails more than anything else! Its such a perfect Fall/Winter color!
4.)    Rdio: It’s a music service that I am kinda in love with. You can make playlists and things. Here is what I was listening to all through September!
5.)    They’re Real mascara: Have you guys used this stuff? Its like magic! The only downside is that it is $24 a tube. But it actually does way more than my drugstore mascaras… I will be sad when this one runs out!
6.)    Hard Candy Bronzer in Tiki: I actually don’t use this as a bronzer! I use it as a highlight. It is soooooo pretty. Since I have been LUSTING after Jaclyn Hill’s “Champagne Pop” highlight, this is a sad substitute. Haha But its still awesome and I have been using it every day!!
7.)    Orange Juice: I have had a strange obsession with Orange Juice this month. I can’t explain it but its definitely been there. Its almost all I have been drinking!
8.)    Grey by E.L. James: This is the book by the same lady who wrote 50 Shades. Same story, just from the guy (Christian’s) point of view.. And I got this for my birthday so I had to start it. I am not sure how much I am LOVING it but that’s all I have been reading this month! (Still Not done…)
9.)    Candles: Especially the ones from Bath and Body Works. I freaking love Fall candles. They are by far my favorite scents and I burn them all year round. I could not express to you how obsessed I am.
10.) Pocket Frogs app: I have been absolutely OBSSESSED with this childrens game. You breed frogs and take care of them and level up and get “better” frogs and it is just a whole load of fun! Haha Let me know if you have the app and if you do, if you want to be friends! Haha
11.) Nars Satin Lips Pencil in Rikugien: I got this in my free birthday gift from Sephora and I fell in love with this pink. I call it my “My lips but better” color because I can pronounce its real name… Its amazing!
What where your favorites for last month? Hope you all have a wonderful day! 


  1. They're real mascara is awesome!

  2. Great~

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    If you follow my blog, I follow your blog too, write about it

  3. That Nars lip pencil looks stunning. I love nudes. So luck of you to get it for free. x

    Renata | Diorshow Mascara Giveaway

  4. Love this post, No 6 and No 10 are my favorites! which App do u use to make this collage picturet?


  5. I love B&BW candles!! I'm obsessed! I also like that nail polish color. I've been looking for few nice fall colors!


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