Meet your blogger.

Hey yall! My name is Elizabeth. Welcome to "Southern Beth!" This blog was originally started as pretty much an online diary. I mean it makes sense to put all my feelings and emotions online for everyone to see, right? But this has evolved into so much more. It has turned into a beauty/fashion/book review/movie review/diary/everything in between blog. I have made many friends so far and I am so blessed at every opportunity that unfolds because of me doing something I love!

I am a 20-something. living in a tiny little southern town in South Carolina, USA. I am a true southern girl and LOVE South Carolina. I am a generally VERY happy person! I am in process of "collegeing" right now. I am pretty sure that I want to manage a nonprofit when I finally decide to become a "growed up." I currently am the Activities Assistant at a Retirement Home!

I love my family and they are very important to my life. Including my three year old little brother! My best friends, and my grandparents.

So thanks for stopping by! Hope you will be a frequent visitor! :) But as for now I hope you follow me in my journey that is creating me, shaping me and molding me into the person I am today and will be tomorrow. 

Always try to remember "Fate loves the Fearless." 

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